Welcome Home!

Please click on the link below to apply for housing for the upcomming academic year. 
A $100 pre-payment is required to complete the application process.
Please call 641.844.5668 to make this required payment 

Important Considerations Prior to Applying for Housing:

  • This contract cannot be cancelled before or during the academic year.
  • All residential complexes are closed during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks.
  • Students must move into housing as designated by Residence Life. Without any given notice of a delayed arrival, the accommodations may be assigned to another student, but delayed arrival shall not relieve responsibility for accepting other available accommodations assigned.
  • It is the responsibility of future residential students to read The Guide to Residence Living. The document is also available on the  Residence Life website .

Consequences for breaking the Residence Life Contract:

  • If a student moves out at any time during the semester without approval, they will pay the room and board charges in accordance with the refund schedule designated on the Residence Life Contract and a $600  cancellation  fee. 
  • All residence halls are closed during the winter and spring breaks and all other times where classes are not in session.
The Director of Residence Life will consider any special considerations to a student’s signed Residence Life Contract as requested by the student. His/Her decision will be final in all cases.


* Individuals interested in Summer housing options, please email mccreslife@iavalley.edu for more information.